Arrival at WJMC

Today I just checked in to the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. All through this week I will post what I do here…so far I have only unpacked and familiarized myself with my roommates. They split us up into groups here, and I have landed in the Blue Group. The only things happening tonight are the welcome dinner, and our first group meeting, both of which should be interesting.

More updates to follow…

3 thoughts on “Arrival at WJMC

  1. Uncle Dale

    Hope you a great week. It sounds like a great opportunity to learn and have fun too! I will check your blog each day to read about all your adventures this week.

  2. Aunt Nancy

    Matthew I have been following too. Problem is this is above my understanding but an enjoyable read. Hope your week was memorable and wish I had that opportunity. at your age. OH how times have changed for the better 🙂


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