Sunday Evening: Peter Doocy

Tonight’s guest speaker was Peter Doocy, a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel, based out of Washington D.C. He spent about 20-30 minutes talking; I found him to be impressive speaker who commanded the room’s attention from the moment he walked up to the mic. He spoke about his start in journalism and shared some of his tips for being successful in the news world. Among the tips I took away, the ideas that made the biggest impression on me were:

1. ALWAYS accept assignments, even the grunt jobs

2. Sometimes the small, seemingly unimportant details will be crucial to the stories success because it gives a different angle on a topic other may have already heard about.

3. It’s not about being in the right place at the right time, it’s about being prepared when the moment comes.

Overall, Peter Doocy set the bar high for this conference, answering questions honestly without hesitation. He knew when to incorporate humor into his stories, but always brought it back to his main topics.

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