Tuesday Afternoon: Hoda Kotb

Today was a super exciting day for us at the WJMC. In addition to hearing from reporters who staked out the white house on a daily basis and visiting the illustrious National Press Club in D.C., Hoda Kotb made an appearance at the same club. Today’s was by far the most enthusiastic crowd, and no wonder… she is an amazing reporter who led a very interesting life.

Although coming into this conference I did not know her except as a name, I learned a lot about her, without her going on about herself the whole time. She got her first reporting job in a small town after being rejected by 27 different companies. 27. It takes serious guts to continue after that! She is a three-year survivor of breast cancer, and has a couple of books published. The things I most admired about Hoda Kotb, were her presence in front of an audience, and her perseverance.

This was the first orator who not only held my undivided attention, but those of the audience as well. For once, the GroupMe was completely silent, and there was no muttering or whispering. From her first “Heeyyyy” to her final wave good bye, we were all in awe with her. She smiled and waved as she entered, and sized us all up perfectly from the start. I was impressed how she knew just how to tell these amazing stories about her life without boring me, and letting me see some of her personal thoughts and why she acted the way she did. I was truly touched by her speech as she told us her struggles with breast cancer and the many dangerous stories she did in the middle east. Hers was a presence that you need to experience to do it full justice, but I will share some of my favorite quotes from her today:

“You have to be interested, not interesting.”

“When you are on the right path, the universe cooperates.”

“People love to fly on their own ego trip.”

“Find out what you love, and figure out how to get paid for it.”

Pearls of wisdom, every one of them.

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