Wednesday Evening: Dianna Russini

After dinner on Wednesday, the entire group split up to listen to one of seven different speakers. The reporter I went to visit was Dianna Russini, current Washington Redskin reporter for NBC 4.  A graduate of George Mason University, she was a crime and general-assignment reporter for a little while. However, she made the move to sports reporting, and since has covered the Boston bombing, and sideline reported for Seattle Seahawks for 18 months. Then she moved to Washington, and covered all 16 Redskin games last year.

Obviously I picked her because she covered the Redskins; if you don’t know, I’m a die-hard fan of them. Although she didn’t offer any unique advice for journalism in general, she had a great personality, and it was fun just being in the same room as her. She was very enthusiastic about what she does, and talked about ways to get some good internships during college. I admired most her work ethics. She works almost 24/7; even when she doesn’t need to, she is studying rosters, player stats, and preparing her next article. At the end, she let each of us take pictures with her, which was pretty exciting for me.

dianna russini

I know, I look pretty stunned next to her…

All together, Dianna Russini was really fun to talk to, and a great reporter who is very enthusiastic about her job. I look forward to her coverage of the Redskin games this upcoming season. Go Skins!

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