Thursday Afternoon: Meeting my State Representative

On Thursday I got an opportunity to meet with Representative Frank Wolf. Mr. Frank Wolf has been a member of Congress for seventeen terms. For many years he has been a supporter of making America energy independent, meaning that America would be able to survive without relying on other countries for oil and other natural resources. One of the reasons he has been working for this is that he wants the U.S to be spending less money to other countries for fuel, and use that money to pay off the national debt.

Prior to 9/11, Representative Wolf worked on the National Commission on Terrorism, whose warnings were heeded after the attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Despite increased security measures in the United States, he believes that the threat from terrorism is actually higher than ever.

Representative Wolf has been in Congress almost my entire life, so I asked him his greatest triumph over his career. In response he said, “My wife, 5 children, and 16 grandchildren. His greatest regret? He admitted, “I honestly really don’t have any regrets.”

Overall, I think he is a great inspiration for anyone, whether they go into politics or not. He has worked hard, done his best to improve the world, and lived with no regrets. If you would like to know more about Representative Wolf, or about the issues he feels passionate about, his website is

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