The Inheritance Cycle

One of my favorite series of all time, the Inheritance Cycle, is a four-book series written by Christopher Paolini, who was just 15 years old when he wrote the first draft for Eragon, the first book in the cycle. This is not a quick read; all but the first book are over 750 pages long. However, it is worth the time because it is such a well-written saga,

The Inheritance Cycle tells a tale about a boy named Eragon, a farmer’s son who lives in a small cabin near a tiny village. Eragon is fated for grander adventures though: hatching the first dragon egg in decades; becoming an iconic hero and/or legend, depending on the opinion of different people; and traveling the land of Alagaesia. At the time of this story, Alagaesia is under the rule of Galbatorix, an evil king who rules through ruthless servants and the power of his own dragon.

Eragon must unite humans, elves, dragons, dwarves, were-cats, and even beast-men called Urgals, in order to overthrow Galbatorix, all while learning who exactly he is and why he was slated to liberate Alagaesia. Love, betrayal, and a surprising ending are all dictated by a mysterious prophesy that both hints at success and promises misery.

I particularly loved the language that Christopher Paolini used throughout his novels, and I’m not talking about the foreign tongues he incorporates. He infuses his words with feeling and passion, and I honestly felt like a character in the book, traveling with Eragon. As for the three or four foreign languages, the back of every book contains a glossary with all the words and their pronunciation.

In summary, I believe the Inheritance Cycle will become as iconic in the fantasy genre as Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter. A great story dealing with finding yourself, and inspiring others to overcome their differences and weaknesses to achieve a goal. Don’t read this book if you are looking for a quick read or a distraction; read it to delve into an awe-inspiring world full of magic and mystery.

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