The Kill Order

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t post last week; I was busy preparing for school and forgot to update. This week’s book is James Dashner’s The Kill Order, the prequel to his popular Maze Runner series.

I must say I wasn’t impressed with this prequel. I started reading this book expecting some answers to my questions about the original trilogy. However, this book uses almost none of the characters involved in the trilogy, and there isn’t much character development overall. Although I found out how the disease known as the flare affected so many people, the rationale behind the decision to release the disease was foolish and never fully explained. The first person to show resistance¬† to the flare is introduced, and I inferred that the group she was left with at the end became the start of WICKED, but I could be wrong. WICKED is the mysterious group in the original trilogy, and it is hard to figure out its ulterior motive and why it is involved with the flare. The whole book was confusing to me because of all the seemingly random incidents and character additions. Although interesting because “the beginning” is explained, I was left with a lot more questions at the end than the start. The Maze Runner was an exciting series with a good plot and development, but I didn’t see much of that great writing in The Kill Order. This book isn’t near the quality of The Maze Runner, and I would only recommend this book if you really wanted to read them all.

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