Monday Evening: Candy Crowley

Monday night’s guest speaker was Candy Crowley. She is CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent, and has covered a multitude of president’s campaign trails. She has spoken on a personal level to Presidents Clinton, Reagan, Obama, and both George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Right off the bat, I liked Ms. Crowley. Not only was she knowledgeable in her speech, but she knew how to phrase what she was trying to say, and connected to many in the audience. There were many people lined up to ask questions, and she answered as many as she could, sharing her thoughts on she thought were the best subjects to take in college, her favorite campaign she covered, and one person even asked her which president she thought would make the best journalist.

Her main points of advice for young journalists can be summarized in a short, but impressive list:

1. Decide about your life before you decide about your career. Live where you want; journalism is everywhere and you can be a journalist wherever you want.

2. Know what you don’t know. In addition, know where to get information about what you don’t know.

3. Run your life and writing your way, even if the editors and other reporters change what you write.

4.Always trust your gut instinct.

Candy Crowley only spoke for about an hour in all, but captivated the audience the entire time. Her stories were humorous , but they were relate able and helpful about potential pitfalls in journalism, Most importantly, the wisdom I thought was the best all night was “you gotta wanna,” meaning that journalism is not a profession you go into for fun. It’s too hard.¬† If you’re going to be a journalist, you had better want to be a journalist. Truly an inspiring role model.

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